Toronto actor told to repay almost $24,000 in COVID-19 pandemic benefits

They just gave it to me.

They used my CRA tax refund direct-deposit account # and transit info to deposit the funds. Dumped 2k into my account despite me producing zero documentation about my employment status. I was called one day (Jan 2021), told "hey you qualify for Covid Relief for the last 10 months- don't waste this opportunity!"

I said, sure. Start the process, I'll provide documentation soon (there was always the requirement of re-submitting your work status every 2 weeks, I believe? Could be wrong)

I didn't provide anything.

I didn't do anything. I never even checked out the website. I was happy to "do my part" and live off savings for those 2 years.

During that time I had a massive cash flow influx/output due to an insurance claim on my property. I didn't even notice the 2k until I got a scary letter a year later, in Feb. 2022.

Been chasing them down until they called me 2 weeks ago. Turns out (as I expected) the CRA owed me several thousand dollars that I wasn't bothering to re-adjust with. They should have kept their mouth closed, but here we are.

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