Toronto march in support of Hong Kong protests blocked by pro-China group

well its pretty self evident. First im not weighing in on the issue itself.

Fung, who is protesting in favor of an 'illegal' protest in Hong Kong, is complaining that the protesters protesting her protest is doing something illegal, specifically quoting that people should first get a permit...

Same with the "They are only here to jeopardize our freedom of expression." Technically thats literally what freedom of expression means. we can agree to disagree and do what we feel right and stand for our beliefs. What those beliefs are is of course up for debate.

Also, I seriously am not actually staying that the protest themselves in HK is justified or not, only that the permit issue is probably not the best argument she could make in that context.

Also theres an official police statement saying no harm was present in the same article, so we can assume that it was peaceful, albeit definitely disruptive, behavior on the Pro-China side. Of course we can say the same for the Pro-HK side as well. Tensions are definitely high when protests of opposite sides are together, and its kinda expected that this will happen considering what happened in Australia.

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