At a total loss as to how to extricate myself, is there a legal option here?

I understand that that can sound misogynistic, but she will often cook a meal for everyone in the house but myself while I am busy working, and then I will have to stop and cook and clean up after them. All of this I would do willingly (I used to do a good deal of the cooking before we had children because I enjoy it) but when I am sleeping 3-4 hours and getting up early to clean etc... and the only response when pushed is gaslighting.

Also, if it wasn't clear in the linked text above, my wife had some sort of text-based interaction with someone in 2015 and when confronted told me she was going to divorce me (rather than simply telling the truth). When asked later about this she denies everything, and contradicts my memory of all of this. However, and this is important, the people who were drugging me and threatening me kept repeating "you don't want to leave your wife now do you?"

And since a lot of this transpired just before and after we had a child while I was at a cannabis company to stay afloat, I watched them tell everyone in town that *I* had been having an affair and set up whisper networks about dalliances that I had presumably had with young girls. All to 'teach me my lesson'...and I was only going from work to home working 7 days a week for both of those brothers at the time. Something which in retrospect was clearly a mistake, but I had lost my primary client at the time and the events related in the linked text above should make it clear that after I was given the chance for a 'sacred marriage' at a private music event life has been very rocky indeed.

I also have been very diligent about not trying to play the victim. Since 2011 my primary goal was to get my wife to a position of (what I thought would be) psychological stability rather than giving in to melodramatics and 'crazymaking' after our initial loss. However since we've now gone about 6-7 years of this.... and she has clearly had affairs with some of the same people I am in conflict with, and seems to be supported BOTH by a few Christian friends and by 'bosses' in the local cannabis community.

On that side this *seems* perhaps like manipulation of a worker base rather than *just* marital issues. Some confluence of how people are drawn in and turned into workers through 'sin testing' and punishments, and then ejected from the city (or drugged etc) when no longer 'compliant'.

And it is on this last note that I started to be called 'paranoid'. However being drugged repeatedly, being taken places when something is slipped into my drink, and threatened etc. These are NOT the byproduct of my imagination and I was told the only recourse given is to 'keep my head down, my mouth shut, do what I'm told' and pray to Jesus to keep me safe (the latter is my wife's addition). I was also told by one individual that they would have actually just removed me but since I'm too well known they decided to just 'run me out of town' so as to not make too many waves. And I made it clear to my parents (who are very elderly now but still concerned) that I can't allow myself to leave my children or I would have certainly left for safety. One of those parents is now completely divorcing herself from this situation, and the other simply offers to let me move halfway across the country to escape this situation.

When I talk to people locally that I have known for decades and who clearly know this has happened (some have admitted to similar things happening to them), they laugh about my lack of knowledge about 'the hidden hand' and call me paranoid. Or just say 'everyone saw me' (trying to have an affair in the linked text above). Meanwhile this has not only happened to others locally, but in another city in the same state the exact same events led to the closure of not just one nightclub but two, for one of the bouncers actually taught a local undercover officer how to drug and what to watch for to know when a subject is fully 'pliable'.

I *watched* both of these brothers tell everyone in our local community that they knew were connected to me, and most of the people in the music industry we deal with, that I had 'done too many drugs and tried to cheat on my wife'. And then when I confronted them I was simply told "it was to teach me a lesson" and my wife on the other side will only say this is because I have 'fallen away from Jesus'. Since my wife has a complete lack of support for any version of this narrative that doesn't include *me* being the one who cheated and who is 'unequally yoked' this tends to be taken for confirmation of my iniquities by anyone that doesn't know our affairs.

Lastly, the ONLY income I have the last 2 years comes from the very same people that have played a role in all of these things.

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