TotalBiscuit: "I thoroughly condemn the idea that my followers and viewers are horrible people who would engage in harassment."

I saw a lot of people calling him an arsehole, but that was genuinely because he was acting like an arsehole. Not really harrassment, though I can see why it would feel that way if you are convinced you are right. I didn't see threats in there, but you say it happened, so I guess it happened and I condemn it. I doubt you'll find anyone here who thinks that was a good thing.

However, it doesn't excuse the response from TB, and the fact that he has doubled/tripled/quadrupled down on his initial assessment that the stream hosters were accusing him and all his followers of harrassment. He can't appreciate that he is followed by a lot of toxic Gators who already hate AbleGamers for rejecting their "weaponized porn" stream, and therefore the intensely fearful reaction from the owner of this stream could possibly be warranted.

What should have happened was:

"Please RT my stream."

"I have RTed your stream."

"Oh. I wasn't prepared for the number of followers you will bring. Can you withdraw that?"

"Of course. I'm sorry if I caused you trouble."

Part 3 was worsened by the implication of the quality of TB's subscribers, so Part 4 was abandoned in favour of taking gross offense to the implication. As above, I think TB has to take a step back and realise that it Part 3 was warranted, and that if he thinks this is a personal reflection upon him to try and work out why that might be.

Instead, he's now following GG spokespeople, and absolutely knows how people will look at him because of it. I am trans, and his following of both Milo and Cernovich feels a lot like spitting in my face. I'm glad that I lost my respect for him a few months back rather than still having it.

As a side note, I can't think of anything designed to damage "5 years of professionalism, honesty and fairness" than following bigots on Twitter then writing the screed that he just wrote.

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