Totally new

I looked on the website for help. Here you go:

"I'm better with code than with words" If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry. " "Not everyone has money but everyone has time" -Colin-"Software Expert Inventor Composer Genius Enjoys The 5 books on physics and philosophy I got at barnes and noble once and my dad bought me this piano"-Cantrell.

Unlocking a wallet in other cryptocurrency wallets usually means you're Staking. I don't really know how it works with NXS since there's like no documentation other than a white paper that has 3 paragraphs of "Lol space and quantum computers and 3D blockchain and we sell tshirts" and links to some confused dude on youtube from a year ago. This was also my intro to crypto so I'm being a dick to steer you towards more coherent projects. This place will make a bit more sense after you deal with currencies and wallets with actual documentation and community. I'd delve into those for a couple weeks and then come back here. It's not a beginner friendly place

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