It's because of the reset. End of season is here and RL becomes a salt mine, players are getting frustrated that they cant reach their goal rank when soloing so they take it out on their teammates and blame everyone else for their shortcomings - wish I had a word for this because it is so common. Teammate shaming/blaming?

I play solo doubles on switch, so unless the players are on the same platform I cant see what they're writing in the chat. You would think thats a good thing, but it only highlights the malicious attitudes that people have even without saying anything. It's amazing how creative people can become with the quick chat, however.

My teammates will stop moving when they assume the other partied team scored because of me after the first goal.

Its even better when its my kickoff, and the teammate rushes the ball in the center, then steals the mid boost. Which is all too common.

Remember guys, frustration makes you play worse, gives the opponent an edge. And 2v2 takes two cooperating to win.

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