Has toxicity always been a problem, or am I just noticing it now?

your post screams entitlement dude. nobody in an online game is required or obligated to do anything you want them to do. in fact, nobody has to answer your questions even, if they don't want to, they're free to insult you and kick them, and you're free to think of them as assholes afterwords. but it's the internet, people like you have been trying to ruin it for the longest time because you keep expecting these random people to follow some code or act any way other than how they want to.

i also refuse to believe that you run into this kind of toxicity on a regular basis, since the majority consensus seems to be that it's rare, and this isn't the type of game to spawn a lot of player-to-player rage anyways. if you are, it's probably something to do with you, rather than the randoms you keep expecting something from, so maybe work on that?

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