Toxicity towards console players in the pro community is really disheartening.

Agreed. Facts and toxicity are not mutually exclusive and that is what occurred. Consoles players including myself know we do not stand a chance in end games. I play the game for fun and only that while I have a full time job and a girlfriend I live with. I have no aspiration in becoming a pro I prefer the science field but video games will always be my hobby and I still strive to learn more which is what go me into reddit. What is annoying is when I try to up my game by going on here and instead I see rants from pro players or steamers about console players.

My point was the toxicity not the facts being said. Chap has a large fan base and I was shocked when I heard him tell console players to kill themselves. When a video games become your life you need to be held at a higher standard especially when part of his revenue comes from console players who watch him to learn. I could care less if that areceuSss kid made a rant about console bots, I care when its someone who makes a living off of this professionally.

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