Why do you think Toyota/Subaru have refused to put a more powerful engine in the 86/BRZ?

It's also sort of valuable to remember that humans are not homogenous and people own vehicles for different reasons.

For example my wife owns a Mustang (older one) and it has less than 200 horsepower. I've put performance brakes on it, Bilsteins, added a rear sway bar (the V6 coupes didn't have one) and exhaust headers with a tune. It still probably has less than 200 horsepower. It's still faster than my SUV.

But my wife doesn't own that car because it's a SPORTSCAR. We could have found a V8 one there are plenty of those. But she didn't want horsepower she wanted horse.

She owns it because it makes her smile when she sees it, she sees it as a personal thing (as in, it's not a taxi, it's not a shopping trolley, it's for HER) and it's fast enough to handle annoying traffic on her commute, zoom onto the freeway, etc.

Her reasons for buying that car are absolutely as valid as anybody else, and she is not unique in having those reasons.

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