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Common core math was a leftist disaster

The disaster was the implementation. Common Core, or at the theory behind it, is used in most countries who regularly surpass us in Academics, especially STEM.

The problem is, Common Core never had a transition. We just went directly to it. Teachers had no time to prepare, nor were they able to get resources or see the standardized tests for it. The general public has been doing Applied Mathematics through rote for so damn long they are hopelessly ignorant about theory or the vast array of different approaches to solving problems. Let alone their incompetence with understanding the ideas and theories behind Mathematics or how to actually fucking use it in the real world.

All of that contributed to a failed execution. We needed a long, slow move into theory based Mathematics, but we dived in head first.

The way it should have worked is you learn a mix of theory and application starting in Middle School, but in High School you pick a path. One path is Applied focused and meant for students not going into higher mathematics education. It teaches fundamentals and common every day use cases. Then there's the theory path for those going into a Math focused career or education which focuses more on the theory and connections within math. You still get applied cases, but the lessons are theory focused. This is already what every major college does, and was the goal of Common Core.

At any rate, it's not a disaster. It can be fixed if anybody cared but the only ones who care to improve education are the "leftists" you bash. Even they do jack shit for it though.

Now they teach "math is racist"

No, they don't. My God, do you do any research outside of fucking Fox News?

There is a push for a more ethnic focused curriculum. This comes in two parts.

  1. The global history of Math. How it was used and developed in various cultures, and how it is currently used in various cultures. A really interesting and relevant topic. Introduces all sorts of ideas that may make more sense to some students than our current methods.

  2. How Math is and has been manipulated by the powers to be, both now and in the past. This isn't saying math is racist, that would be stupid as fuck to even think. It's saying that Math has been, can be, and is being used to manipulate and deceive people. The average person has no idea how to actually verify that data is being used correctly, a study was valid, or a chart even shows the information it claims to.

A perfect example of this as it relates to race is the notion that more white people get shot by cops than black people. Although it's true that the numbers show more white people, that's not how you compare populations. You have to look at the ratio. The numbers don't carry the same weight in populations of unequal size. The ratio of black individuals shot by police GREATLY dwarfs the ratio of white people shot.

You may try to explain it away by showing a statistic of how many black people live in poverty while also showing poverty areas have higher crime and more run ins with police, but if you were smart you'd also compare across all wealth levels and see the ratio is still higher for black members of the population.

Same with Covid. The death toll for the flu appears higher until you take the ratio. Then you see that covid was ~10x more fatal.

Ain't it fun when someone actually knows what the fuck they're talking about?

Of course, ignorance is different than willful ignorance. Ignorance is lack of education and is fixed by meeting new information and learning.

You are wilfully ignorant. You not only lack the knowledge to speak on this subject, your ego won't let you admit it so you'll just deny everything and scream you're right and I'm stupid. Or quote a bunch of easily debunked bullshit and then scream.

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