Trade Down

There is usually someone who drops unexpectedly on draft day. Whether it be because a team took a QB earlier than expected like EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder or because need comes before value and someone like Leonard Williams drops to number 6. If the Rams go Goff and Browns go Wentz that would mean the next best QB Lynch would see his value go through the roof. If Chip Kelly thinks he can turn him into a star by letting him sit for a year behind Gabbert/Kaep, he might be taken at 7. By all reports the Eagles are absolutely head over heals for Elliot at 8. That means that someone from Jack, Bosa, Buckner, Tunsil, Ramsey, or Hargreaves would be available at 10. Right now its too early to say that yes we should absolutely trade back. It all depends on how the QB's go. If no one is around out of those non QB top players are there I think we should take em. If they're gone and someone wants to trade up to 10 and we can grab Treadwell mid 1st I'd be thrilled. While I love pass rushing DE's chances are that come our 2nd pick there will be a chance we can get a monster DT. The first 3 rounds would be ideal for me if we found a way to grab a WR/OT/DE in some order. Unless the team is in love with Elliot and he is there at 10,I'm pretty confident that is how things will fall.

The Giants under Reese love to draft a player in the position of someone on the last year of their deal. Most recently it was Hankins in place of Linval. Cooper Taylor and Bennet Jackson for Rolle. Sometimes it works others it doesnt. If they think Hankins will walk, I hope not, it would not surprise me to see Ashawn Robinson or Reed taken early.

I love Draft season, but I am always so far off from what actually happens. I wanted Martin over Odell (would not have been horrible but Odell is a top 10 player in the NFL) and I wanted Gurley instead of Flowers. So whatever I wrote is wrong and the team goes Aguyo in the 1st and we burn down radio city music hall in protest.

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