Traditional art is way more impressive than digital art.

Disagree. Most digital art designers work on Mac. That's 2000$ lowest for the tech you need. And then you have to buy the programs - hundreds of dollars. Adobe doesn't even sell it anymore, you have to pay a minimum of 50$ per month for their crappy subscription services in perpetuity to use them. And the skills required to learn to use them, most often include include formal education. I don't know where you live but I'm in the U.S. That's would be tens of thousands of dollars depending on what school.

I'm a painter. I can pop into Michael Art supplies and pop out with A nice big canvas, some paints and brushes for under 100$.

No formal education, computer, computer program required. The majority artists don't study at a snazzy Art School, it's usually an ingrained talent that is discovered over time and explored, experimented with versus being formally taught.

The continued cost for me to paint is less than $500 a year. I produce 5 - 7 super solid works of art in one year. Taste is arbitrary but people do enjoy my work.

Now, ... if were talking the cost of my craft supply addiction - it would be a VERY different story. Lol.

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