Traditional indigenous beliefs are a powerful tool for understanding the pandemic

This implies the high spread is primarily a result of not washing hands, which is misinformation

numerous randomized controlled trials have failed to show a demonstrable efficacy In handwashing in reducing incidence of spread of respiratory illnesses

Recent studies, including one published yesterday in the prestigious journal nature have shown fomite transmission is likely not a significant mode of SC2 transmission, certainly not compared to airborne/droplets. (Which is what scientists have been suggesting for a while).

Despite lingering misconceptions that handwashing offers much protection this is consistent with past coronaviruses, common colds and influenza that are spread almost exclusively via droplet/close contact. Not saying hygiene isn't good but just have to be clear there because this is essentially practical advice not scientific and some have led to have a false sense of security wrt to the protection antibacterial soap confers

It is significantly more likely that increased close contact, lack of medical care and even genetic susceptability are better explanations for heightened spread

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