Make traffic deaths in SF a thing of the past - by ed-reiskin

Driverless vehicles* will generally operate like Uber Pool or Lyft Line (i.e. you won't be riding alone but carpooling) and will be much cheaper to operate than traditional cars and use the roadway infrastructure more efficiently. It's a complex subject but it is fairly well understood at this point. I suggest you do your own research.

Meanwhile Muni has big quality and cost problems (without subsides Muni fares would be over $15 a ride!). And costs just keep going up even without fully dealing with the pension issues. In theory SFMTA could get their shit together but I doubt. Eventually - probably during an economic downturn or pension crisis - we will realize it does not make sense to spend much, much more for a much worse service. Again do your own research on this.

If Muni/SFMTA does not feel threatened, what explains stuff like this:

On the SF Bike Coalition just talk to their members or check out their website - they are very anti-car. SF is very anti-car and they are worse. Talk to any politician or even cops about their political power.

Rant over. Maybe I'm wrong.

*-not just cars but vans, buses, trucks, etc

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