Training Tuesday

I started Stronglifts 4 months ago, here are my results so far.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Age: 24 years old

Starting Weight Starting BF Bulk/Cut Ending Weight Ending BF
200 0.20 9 wk Cut 190 0.15
190 0.15 7 wk Bulk 195 0.16

Body fat estimates are mostly guesses with some help from tape measures and calipers.

Progress Pics

Here's the progress I've made on my lifts (all working weights, haven't tested 1rm)

Lift Week 0 Week 17
Squat 95 lbs 225 lbs
Bench 95 lbs 150 lbs
Deadlift 95 lbs 265 lbs
Overhead Press 45 lbs 100 lbs
Pendlay Row 95 lbs 145 lbs
Dips Bodyweight 27.5 lbs

Progress has slowed down a bit the past couple weeks as I was shooting video at Spring Training in Arizona, which meant not enough sleep while spending 6+ hours a day in the sun.

I've been working back up from a deload on my squat (switch to 3x5 as well), I got up to 225 a few weeks ago but my core was too weak compared to my legs. It took me a while to get the necessary mobility to do good squats, but I'm pretty happy with where I am at this point.

My bench is probably the most slacking. I'm still working on getting the form down. I keep stalling for a couple workouts, then when I fix an issue with form things seem a lot easier. I've also been doing light 5x5s of close grip bench on B days to improve my tricep strength.

OHP is always a struggle, trying to work through 100 lbs for the past couple weeks. I've felt a bit better about rows the past few weeks as I've been able to engage my lats more. Deadlift has made big progress recently as I switched to sumo, which works a bit better for my height.

In order to mix things up a bit and get a bit more volume in, I'm considering combining the strength days of Stronglifts and the Upper/Lower Hypertrophy days used in PHUL. I want to keep squatting heavy at least twice a week and focus on compound movements for the hypertrophy days.


  1. Fun!

  2. Strong

  3. Aesthetics (Lean + Muscular)

I'm eating at maintenance this week and am planning on cutting for the next 8 weeks after that (ending in June) because I'd love to get down to 12-13% BF and my recent stalls have made me care a bit less about strength (stressing too much about the numbers hurts my form and makes things less fun).

So I may hold off on this routine if it would be too much during a cut. But while it may not have the same capacity for strength gain as doing straight Stronglifts, it would be more fun (#1!) and help more with Aesthetics.

Monday Stronglifts A
Low Bar Squat (Heavy) 3x5
Bench (Heavy) 5x5
Pendlay Row (Heavy) 5x5
Weighted Dip 3x5

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday Stronglifts B
Low Bar Squat (Heavy) 3x5
OHP (Heavy) 5x5
Deadlift (Heavy) 1x5
Close Grip Bench 5x5

Thursday: REST

Friday Upper Hypertrophy
Bench (Light) 3x10
OHP (Light) 3x10
Row (Light) 3x10
Dips (Light) 3x10
Bicep Curl 21s 2x21
Dumbell Shrugs 3x10
Lat Pulldowns 3x10
Dumbell Lateral Raises 3x10
Dumbell Reverse Flyes 3x10
Saturday Lower Hypertrophy
Squat (ATG, Light) 3x10
Deadlift (Light) 3x10
Dumbell Lunges 3x10
Hyperextensions 3x10
Leg Extensions 3x10
Leg Curl 3x10
Calf Raise 3x10

Sunday: REST

What do you all think of something like this? Anything unreasonable? Should I run my cut on Stronglifts, then switch to this, or would this work well during an 8 week cut?

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