Tranq Dope: Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to U.S. Drug Zones

Again, I am not saying that drug trade has nothing to do with capitalism (it does, in fact in behaves much like a deregulated market and perhaps is a relatively pure model of unadulterated capitalism). The drug trade has very much to do with capitalism, I never even implied the contrary if you read my comments carefully.I agree that capitalism is a driver for the opioid crisis. In fact, I am not disputing any of your points. I am not portraying capitalism idealistically or even remotely positively. I am writing about it critically in every comment here. Are you saying that capitalism did not create an economic opportunity for my family after immigrating to the US with $20 dollars in our pockets?I digress. We are talking about a novel fentanyl mixture that is more dangerous than even pure fentanyl. This mixture literally does not have a single redeeming quality. It exists because there are desperately sick people with biochemical dependence on the drug who have profound biochemical need to acquire it. There are also unsavory actors who are producing this cheaply and capitalizing on the need of these addicts. It is a terrible transaction that hurts (kills) needy people, who have probably already been let down by public mechanisms that should have helped them. It is certainly a shameful reality.Unfettered or poorly regulated capitalism (as we have in this country arguably) has deep problems that hurt millions of people, I have stated this previously. But there is an ICU nurse and a physician who said that my statement that "unadulterated abuse of biochemically vulnerable people" was a good description of capitalism - this is nonsense. Capitalism has achieved at least one or two good things – not enough, not distributed appropriately, and it has done so at the expense of millions of people. There are exploitative elements, but it is not an unredeemable noxious poison like this fent+xyl. There are a few good outcomes from capitalism – to deny this is simply deluded thinking. There are no good outcomes from the fentanyl concoction. It is a profoundly stupid comparison

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