Trans girl stabbed to death in front of a school as violence spirals in Brazil. She was just 16-years-old

Yeah, I don’t know about this. You can “hate” Someone for just simply having more money than you. Or hate every single person you see, and kill them just as brutally as if you are prejudiced against a subset of humans or a certain class. I’m not sure if I follow the objective logic of racism underlying the murder being worse than other types of envy or anger.

For example: the poverty example seems to be based on an example where you believe the perpetrator did something because of circumstances based beyond their control. But follow that logic for any murder even a racist or sexist or anti-trans one: the murderer in that case was probably raised in a family or under circumstances that made them that way, I.e., beyond their control. If you follow the logic back far enough no one is ever at fault for anything they do. That’s why I find it difficult to see the same distinction. Especially considering the victim and their family probably doesn’t feel less pain knowing they were killed for their money, rather than their religion, sex, gender, etc. Your harsher sentence is just based on your own feelings.

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