Why as a Trans person I get pissed at people that say there are more than two genders

You are saying because someone doesnt act like their gender they arent their assigned gender

Hmmm. Did I say that? Hm...

Well factually speaking, there's more than two genders. I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at in your OP, but just clarification here there have been instances of crossgender and non binary gender behaviors, practices, and people all over the world and for thousands of years.

One really well known example is in India and it's surrounding cultural reach. The people known as the hijra.

We have found evidence of an ancient Male buried as a female presumably as a caretaker. We've found an ancient Female buried as a Male Warrior.

Some non white/no Western Cultures have a non binary way of looking at gender.

So we're aware from Anthropology that that the concept of just 2 genders is definitely a modern re-enforcement and not a dictated contcretely by the biosex factor.

Nope I didnt say that in my post either.


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