Trans women, how is/was your relationship with a straight woman?

My partner is such that I knew she would never make me feel bad about how I identify and would want me to be happy, but I was very worried it would tank the relationship. We had to have a frank discussion that as I continue with my transition, feelings could change for either of us and it's OK to be honest in that regard even if those true feelings are hurtful in some way.

It's kind of funny to read all these other comments, as usually these threads are a little more pessimistic, but I'll count myself lucky to be in a relationship that is also stronger than ever. I was always very good at masking my feelings and being kind, so things were relatively "fine on the surface" before so to speak, but I truly could not have comprehended what I was missing out on. In fairness this is true of many parts of my life but I feel like we worked extra hard to get where we are.

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