The transgender community has morphed into something that I can't relate to anymore and it's frustrating

I'm nonbinary... and I get it... i swear it's not for attention, my friends correct people using wrong pronouns more than I do... i also don't feel right identifying myself as trans personally. I want top surgery some day but I'm not in a place where I can mentally or financially deal with it so I have a binder I wear some days. My dyed hair and a nose piercing were just childhood dreams. When I was in daycare I saw a woman with bright red hair and loved it. I just wanted to be that bright. A few tattoos but not visible day to day.

I understand why you feel your community has been invaded... I understand why you feel it's changed. Sometimes I feel like I'm the problem and attention seeking, but I also know that my body feels wrong, whatever way that may be. I also disagree with many parts of the community, especially the parts that judge people who don't want to be a part of it. Hell... I've been out as pan for 10 years and though I enjoy being in some groups, a lot of parts of the LGBTQ+ community make me uncomfortable.

I'm sorry that what used to be a community you felt safe in no longer feels that way. Good luck. And congrats on your 2017 surgery.

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