Transgender Women "Should Be Entitled To Womb Transplants" And Have Their Own Baby

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Entitled? Entitled?! First of all no one in this world's entitled to anything, slow your roll (to whoever wrote that). And no one's entitled to carve up women's bodies just to satisfy whatever fucked up obsession with femininity they have.

A LibFem friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and when I - still in the process of detransitioning (because sometimes it's a lot to detangle and reverse the course on and deal with the paperwork and reality of) - pointed out a fraction of what's wrong with this, they immediately deleted the post (even though I, of all people, would seemingly be the most sympathetic)

It's a reproductive system - it’s a hell of a lot more involved than “insert uterus A into human B”. In actual female women there are a ton of support systems and biological processes that a natal female body is designed for that a transgender woman/TIM just does NOT have...concerns? You're literally just dropping one part of an incredibly complicated biological system into a body not designed to do that then just saying "OK, have fun".

Even IF the transplant were successful and EVEN IF there weren't a severe risk of complication from anti-rejection meds, there’s no way the process would allow trans women to generate ova of their own - meaning their only options are donor material for the female gamete and either donor material or their own for the male gamete - and don't even THINK about trying to include in the uterus donor's ovaries as a package deal, oh HELL NO. That crosses SO many ethical boundaries. At that point, my options would be either donor material for both components, or at least for one. Which means I’d either be carrying a baby I had no genetic relation to or else that I had provided the sperm for. I still would never be that child's mother, and I've had enough women in my life go through pregnancy and delivery that it's a complicated and physically intensive enough process without introducing major medical contraindications or my own ego into the mix.

In the case of every situation there are ways to bring that child into the world that are orders of magnitude safer for parent and child than a uterine transplant into a trans woman, and medicine is designed to do as little harm as possible. That's literally the entire point of medicine - to provide the greatest reduction in illness and harm possible and to stop illness through methods that CREATE the least harm. If I'm going to be the parent of a child I want it to be healthy and viable and have the best chance it can and if that means someone else is the one responsible for that child's gestation and delivery so be it; whatever my feelings or my gender issues they most definitely do not trump the health and safety of whatever child might possibly be conceived and gestated through this process. It sets off every single alarm bell for me; sorry.

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