[Translation] A more moderate analysis from a Chinese NBA fan

I think op did a great job translating. I found the referal to racial discrimination is misleading. With all the news regarding ethnic minority in XinJiang ( which I am not sure what is going on ), the following may be hard to believe. In china the ethnic majority(han) is more than 90% of the population, in the daily life of chinese, people don't care about ones race as long as they speak mandarin. The ethnic minority also get some adventage in certain situation e.g. Bonus marks in The National College Entrance Examination. For reference, the race of the child of a ethnic minority and a han person is prefered to be registered as the ethnic minority. As an evidence of this, the population of ethnic minority increased from 1% in 1953 to 8.5% in 2010. Tl dr: the original chinese post use racist as example because it was kind of never a thing in china compared to it in the US.

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