Transphobia labeling has gone too far

"Hey it's ya boi YouTuber McDaniel over here and wow I just watched this video. As per the YouTuber Law I have to make comments about some video I watched like I'm an irritating relative you have to have dinner with.

"So I saw this video about some trans women. I don't want to mention that she was outted nefariously but wow I will admit it's pretty crazy that she kept it a secret since she was 14 or something. Totally got me too, if I'd admit I watched this channel (though I won't since I'm one of those YouTubers who only react to things where the heat of the controversy's already a day old).

"So like, she has a boyfriend and she didn't tell him she's trans. And I was like Whaaaaaat?

"This is totally wrong. I know, it's not my relationship and the guy in this relationship hasn't complained but IT'S MY JOB as the moral outrage YouTuber to announce to the world the final judgment on anything wrong on this website.

"I know what you are thinking: couldn't it be possible that this person didn't think it would ever lead to sex and therefore didn't think trans status was irrelevant? Or couldn't it be possible that this person has some serious concerns about being outted and being murdered and was hesitant? I'm here to tell you that none of this matters. Not the boyfriend's thoughts, not the woman's thoughts, but mine alone. I am the YouTuber here, and my judgments are final.

"And I know what you are thinking: isn't ignoring all the thoughts and issues regarding transgender people outting themselves all to be alarmed at the possibility that someone you love might be transgender without you knowing and therefore you being, without your consent, bathing in the ick of trans, a bit of a transphobic statement? To that I say TRANSPHOBIA LABELING HAS GONE TOO FAR. Did that work? I have no idea if that worked. Honestly it doesn't matter. None of the people who give a shit about trans people are going to watch my bigoted videos in the first place, and the few that do wander into my stench I can toss aside as shrill.

"Now that this outrage has been settled, I have other wonderful opinions to dispense on other videos that I saw on the internet about people I don't know and situations that I know very little about. YouTuber out!"

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