The transphobic kid in my class got the lowest grade on an exam and I got the highest grade on it. His eyes nearly popped out of his skull when I offered to help him study and told him my score.

Just a spritz of comedy. I literally have no issue with trans, and hold a firm stance that no one deserves persecution for being who they want to be. I come here to learn more about the issues that plague those persecuted for being trans and to revel in the dank memes. There's always this wierd tipping point where the shitposters turn into white knights, and this seems to be the case with that nutjob above who adovcates for humanity and in the same breath condones mass murder and racism/persecution. It's almost as if some people on here don't understand that persecuting others for their beliefs isn't how you get people to stop persecuting others for their beliefs.

In regards to fetishizing an entire community, I've addressed it in my post history if you cared to read it as the brigading troll above suggested:

In regards to younger communities appearing the most hateful against trans:

Pretty sure it's the younger communities that are by far the greatest consumers of transexual porn, iirc.

Once they mature they accept themselves for liking it and then others for being it, just takes time.

Not saying that y'all are sexual objects, just that porn's a pretty universal gateway for tolerance/acceptance.

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