Traxxas Rustler 4x4 build suggestions

Just bought a new 4x4 VXL roller myself.. will post when finished. Waiting on a body and some EC5 connectors. So far I've left it almost as it came. I was happily surprised that it was already upgraded with the new "cold weather" or "heavy duty" plastic parts Traxxas is making. I went ahead and bought RPM shock towers, and replacement a-arms anyways just in case. Hot Racing makes a very nice aluminum motor mount.. so I installed that. They also make a nice aluminum rear bulkhead support which also eliminates the rear tie bar. There is also a plastic bushing inside the slipper clutch assembly that is known to melt.. so I've replaced that with aluminum from Traxxas. (They really should put that in from the get go.) I've also swapped to Mod.1 gears from Hot Racing. I have it at 20/40 gearing for now... and I'll experiment from there. (This will be my first 4x4.) Powerplant is a Hobbywing SCT Max10 3200kV combo. (Previously installed in my Stampede.. which went back to a 3500kV Velineon.) Other than that.. a 20kg waterproof servo, stainless steel screw kit, and a long range Radiolink reciever. Oh.. T-Bone racing front bumper and rear wheelie bar. I think that's it. Still have to play with the shocks.. but I'll wait till needed.

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