Treatise on the Nature of Black Pill

Great post, I like the part where you talked about incels having the potential to ascend. I always thought the same thing, if I was a Normie or Chad would I be aware of the black pill and accept it? Would I allow myself to live in a false reality like most of them? So being an incel in some way is pretty cool, learning the truth about women, looks, money, status, better genetics etc.

Also liked the part where you talked about hitting puberty and you being inferior to everyone else. Same experience here but I did have some accepting friends. Once middle school hit all the good looking guys were the guys with girlfriends and we're popular their were ugly popular kids too, from being friends with the good looking kids before they became popular, so they were accepted in hanging around with them, but they never had girlfriends. Like u said their was nothing very different personality wise of them from the rest of us, but girls and guys gravitated towards them completely. Infact most of them developed these good personalities because people validated the shit out of them which in turn gave them confidence, because in elementary school alot of them werent very outgoing and were boring. Even I gravitated to them back when I wasn't aware. I wanted to be popular so bad but I wasnt accepted by enough of them and eventually as my looks deteriorated more and along with my quirkier personality and humor throughout puberty, the more insults and bullying that was thrown my way. Popular kids that did like me no longer gave a fuck about me, and I pushed away good friends, trying to hang with them so badly.

Highschool was mostly the same, except average guys got girlfriends too, ugly guys who hanged with the popular kids and had Big Status were able to get girlfriends. Their were only about 1 of them per grade though. Highschool is where I received my worst bullying aswell because of my facial features. Being called ugly most days, being literally told my facial features are hideous was a nightmare. I even had people on the opposite school bus point and call me ugly out the window a few times. Somehow I never got depressed and I still kept my chin up and tried to be confident at all times, which of course didnt do a damn thing because I was ugly. Some nights I would cry myself to sleep in pain. As my facial features started to balance out a little bit from 12th grade to college and so on and I started lifting and got muscular, the bullying disappeared and random people/ accquaintaces no longer talked shit about me. Im still ugly, but not as bad as pre 12th grade, at least you can look at me and not be disgusted. Although occasionallyI will still get called ugly

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