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Regardless of how you believe the movement to have started, that doesn't change that there's a problem in these review sites. The "Gamers are Dead" articles come to mind, as did the review score problem I just illustrated to you. But again, the moment I said "GamerGate tried addressing the problem," you responded by repeating the same accusations (with a little bit of Nazi comparison thrown in as well. Good show). How would you suggest we proceed? Changing hashtag? Did that twice now, the gridlock in dialogue is still just as bad, if not worse.

When I said "the attacks on Gone Home", I was referring to exactly that, the attacks.

I and the moderate majority of GamerGate agree that these attacks are terrible. But again, as much as these developers have received insults and threats, so has GamerGate, complete with a games journo going so far as to say "bring back nerd bullying" and "GamerGate is worse than ISIS." This is a leaderless movement, and while we decry those who do terrible things like doxx and harass, we are not responsible for their actions, no more so than you are for the people who harass GamerGaters.

You have just as much say in where you go in Hide & Seek as you do in Gone Home.

I guess I don't like Hide&Seek then. I don't know what else to say, other than I don't see how its relevant to video games critique. Gone Home, on its own, has limited gameplay. Gone Home, compared to other titles, shines even less in my opinion. Just as powerful stories have been told in other titles with better gameplay (even gameplay that compliments the story. Aliens, Transistor, Brothers, Bayonetta, to name a few). No reason for Gone Home to have received the acclaim it has over all of these other titles. But again, GamerGate can't have that conversation without being accused of being raging neckbearded misogynists. Bit of a conundrum, huh?

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