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If you think that, I dont think you have been spending enough time there. You have never even made a comment there.

I have helped moderate /r/neutralpolitics for 6 months, and we are no more a libertarian circlerjerk then we are a liberal one. We are a subreddit dedicated to neutrally discussing politics.

Not neutrality in the sense that we have no bias, everyone has bias, but neutrality in the sense that we look at all arguments from all sides and judge them based solely on evidence and reasoning.

Our submission standards are incredibly strict. All submissions need to be manually approved by the moderators and90% of submissions wont get approved without some minor editing, usually because the OP forgot a source somewhere.

Our comments standards are also unusually stringent (if more difficult to enforce given their volume, especially at the moment). Heck, the comment I am writing right now is against the rules and would have been removed by me or another moderator, as a chunk of it addresses you as an individual and not the ideas being presented.

The values espoused on neutralpolitics are almost always solely from an American/Anglo-centric political philosophy - you will see plenty of references to "natural rights," John Locke, and the Founding Fathers, but don't bring up Continental political philosophy because it's so entirely opposed to the perspectives in the traditional American political philosophy obsessed with "limited government" being an inherent good. Any ideas of Rousseau's "General Will" or social contract based upon a collective or society rather than the individual will be shouted down in a torrent of "muh liberty" ad nauseum.

And so would your comment, honestly. You make a claim without providing sources.

I would encourage everyone to base your opinion of this subreddit not on anyone else's word for it, not even mine. Go read our rules and guidlines, go read through some of our threads. Submit a post and see what happens.

Reach your own, intelligent and source based conclusion about an issue. That's why we exist.

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