Trent Calls Out Bulldog's Racist Actions

So you gauged all of that out from my OP which is basically me being confused on why some NA people are like this by telling me my ideals are naught and then telling me to read up on it? As if your ideals arent horseshit anyways? Your whole reddit account has pages upon pages of you calling people out on this thing and telling everyone else that they dont have ideals and whatnot. Maybe you're the toxic piece of shit here who has 0 idea on how to act like a normal guy. And what about my "learn basic etiquette" statement? It still stands and you're still proving my point right. In fact i think you're the ignorant one here, who keeps calling people out and telling them that they are disgusting and this and that. And no, it does not upset me at all, it makes me feel even better that everytime i read something you write you manage to prove my OP right. And again, il say it, get your head out of your ass and learn how other people from other country think instead of being a self centered pompous jackass. If your whole shtick is teaching people on how their ideals are like, maybe you dont have any at all, considering everything you say sounds like a clown with a megaphone.

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