Trevor Moore Dies: Co-Founder Of ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’ Was 41

There was a comment in another subreddit that got downvoted because they provided no evidence or sources or anything, sounded like a bad joke. They said it was an accident in his yard. The comment was just a few hours after the news came out, presumably before the medical examiner posted the information on their website. I hate to add to speculation, his family explicitly asked not to. So again, this is unfounded, besides they knew it happened in his yard somehow, but should be treated as a rumor. And then we should go back to focusing on his life, and how he might still have more to give us with their movie, if it ever gets released.

>! The comment said that he had an accident involving his lawnmower, that it somehow cut up his leg and he bled to death in his yard. The commenter said they heard this from Moore’s neighbor. !<

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