Trevor Noah Segment on BTS and P1Harmony

i am not suprised in the least. as someone who has been following the daily show semi regularly for years trevor has been disappointing really. all the praise during the grammy interaction was uncomfortable for me bc i knew he would switch the minute making fun of them or a situation they are in would be more profitable.

even james corden, someone that knows he can milk army if he stays on their "good side" made distasteful jokes about bts. in entertainment there isn't really a friend to have your back and i hope people realise this soon.

these late night hosts can be buddy buddy wirh a lot of people. thats their job and it doesn't necessarily need to be fake. i do think that the positive things they have said about bts are in earnest bc they don't have to do that. but that doesn't mean that there is some deep connecrion when the cameras are off. the only one coming close to that would be fallon. and i only mean close.

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