Trials: Gear/Weapons, Incentives, and End-Game

1)Just make weapon bounties for people who can't get 3 wins. Additionally make Flawless bounties that reward curated rolls(pretty close to god roll) weapons.Put celerity intrinsically on adept weapons(from Flawless) .

2) the first games less rewarding than the last games. Remove the minimum 3 win requirement to turn in tokens,

3)TBH you should just receive the trials armour as universal ornaments if you go Flawless . Don't understand why I have to bother going Flawless just so I can get better looking armour at the cost of fighting RNG. If you want you can make flawless armour roll with 65+ but if you enter Trials you most likely have perfected a build.

Change 1 and 2 would drastically improve both sides of the game.Both player sides have access to the weapons.One can get good rolls at a much more casual pace while the other can get even better rewards at a much faster pace but being much more stressful.

Also since the token amount is reduced for the first games and adept weapons/armour being more valuable; Flawless players don't have an incentive to token farm and the above average 5-7 win flawed players get much more tokens than the 1-3 win players

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