‘Tricked’: Big claim on new Premier’s win

Words of a frenzied man. The Federal LNP's internal polling must be looking even worse for them than Newspoll.

Seats like Davenport, Gibson and the former Premier's own seat of Dunstan were not meant to be in doubt-(or in the case of Davenport and Gibson, almost certain ALP gains) on the polling. Poorly funded Teal independents with minimal campaigns were not meant to be able to get 20% swings in Finniss and Stuart. Even with the state polling of 54-46 on 2PP, it still was pointing to a hung parliament, but the polls, just like QLD AND WA polling, underestimated just how much frustration there is with the Federal Government. Some of these Libs losing their seats are truly not duds and I don't believe for a second that they would have lost them if not for Morrison and Friends.

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