They tried to charge a tyre!

i did a quick google and it seems there are many schools regarding oil change

apropos of nothing:

I leased one vehicle in my life. A new Saburu. The car was making a funny sound so I brought it for maintenance.

They handed me a $75 bill. Why? Because they couldn't find anything wrong with the vehicle. I paid the $75.

Sabaru sends me a promotional offer that if I changed the oil on their car on a scheduled basis they would give some pittance of remuneration.

In four years I never performed any maintenance on their vehicle.

The tires were so out of whack from never being rotated that it was like driving with a flat tire (or two) when I returned their vehicle.

I didn't have to pay any penalties. I never leased again.

On my old current car I change the oil every year (the recommended amount).

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