Tried to draw Rogue in the style of the old animated series. I hope you will enjoy!

How is that okay thou? I get 17 year old you didn’t get a boner. But cool. Girls/women aren’t meant for your sexualization. Real version shouldn’t help you get it up cuz you had (and I guess still have??) this idea that it’s okay to look at every women/girl as a sex object. Woo fucking hoo cartoon version gave you a boner cuz men drew them/her super “sexy” and gave you the wrong notation on how a really women/girl should look like.

Look I had a crush on Maddie/Ashley Tishdale but never would I say damn she got me wet. Fuck no. I had a crush on her as she was super pretty and her character was hella smart that I loved.

There’s a different of having a crush and sexualizing a women/girl.

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