Triple H needs to answer for Demott as well. Just because Demott is stepping down doesn't mean this is over.

Triple H is implicated as the guy who fired or threatened to fire staff who spoke out against sexual harassment.

Briley Pierce's AMA from last year.

I take this very seriously, and I would not invent stories to harm anyone's reputation willy-nilly. WWE is a strange company where certain people get away with things that would land them in court and jail anywhere else on earth. Here is my vague answer that will probably now be misquoted, misspelled, taken out of context, and make me look like a dick:

My female friends who were being mistreated on a daily basis begged me to say something because I was now was in a position to do so. Once I did, they were very happy and said thank you.

Then Triple H announced to the current locker room that i was a bitter liar who was making up stories. And the girls' jobs and reputations were threatened. And so my friends begged me to take it down. So I took it down.

People who work there don't want to report things because they are scared they'll be fired for it. Which is accurate. And people who don't work there anymore who report things are portrayed as being bitter ex-talent with an axe to grind.

The former divas who have spoken out against the instances of sexual harassment have been punished, up to and including being fired in a demonstration of the power Bill has. When our only female advocate in talent relations tried to speak up, she was removed from the position and sent to work in the office. Now that the conversation has been restarted, it’s been made known that she is no longer with the company. At any level, women who speak up for themselves are disposable. When rumors about their departures make it out, they’re immediately buried and become yesterday’s news, but believe me - it’s true.

After one of the talents’ dismissal, when we couldn’t figure out where she went, we were told “if you go over my head, ask HER how well that works.”

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