In Trisha’s new video she claims Ethan was trying to trigger Trisha the entire time for views. She is really trying to get the internet to turn on him and I won’t lie, I’m extremely disturbed by this behavior.

Everything she's claiming that he's done are things she's done. She's projecting. She's still pissed off about him outing her earning off the trans video. You made money off something that real people are struggling with and lied about. It is so blatantly disrespectful.

She's living for this shit right now. Even though it's negative attention, she lives for this. We're all talking about her. This is what she wants. She will continue to do this until they respond and keep the ball rolling.

She went on an entire tirade about being honest and open and when you're not you're full of shit. She outed Ethan's history of taking pills, IMO, as retaliation for outing her for making money off the trans video.

She's hypocritical, she's manipulative, she's a hustler. She's so full of it.

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