Trouble with retirement allocations: 401k vs Roth IRA vs Real estate

To clarify, i bought, fixed up, and rented out three rooms in a single family home for about 23k total. (9.2k down payment, 5k closing costs, 8k repairs). LTV was 95%. Cash flowing about $200/mo living there. I am moving out and holding as a straight up rental where i expect to conservatively cash flow 600/mo. It should be more than that. If i go back, i probably wouldn’t have bought it. It was well researched but i was still a rookie and was way too impulsive. It worked out cash flow wise. Biggest mistake was not negotiating better to make my money going in. On the purchase itself i just about broke even (value ranges 190-200k, 174k left on loan, purchase price 185k but i had the seller pay 7-8k in closing costs so really on paper i got it for less). I haven’t paid a cent of my own income towards it since i bought it, all of the positive cash flow is being saved/invested for future capex

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