Truck Drivers of Reddit: 1) Thank you for what you do. This world wouldn’t function without you. 2) What do you haul and what are some crazy stories from your trucking adventures?

I have a 48' flatbed and haul a lot of building materials but also some other stuff. My last load was stone sculptures brought over from an African country.

Basically, anything I can strap or chain down can be hauled as long as it is not HAZMAT. As a driver, I am allowed to move HAZMAT loads but the company I made is not authorized to move HAZMAT material interstate.

Crazy story? Every other day I see someone almost die or probably ded. There was a particularly strong downpour as I was going over the W. Virginia mountains on I-77 when I crested a mountain and the rain had stopped. Traffic had also stopped and there was a car at the top of the mountain siting on it's roof. I recognized it as a car that had passed me 2 minutes earlier.

One time on I-40, during a down pour, a car started hydro planing and came across a HUGE grass median in my direction. I thought for sure they were going to end up under my trailer and die.
They missed me by a few feet.

I can list of 50 more. If I do not see a wreck, I see the after math of a wreck.

It only takes a second for you to lose control and fuck up your day or life. Drive carefully.

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