Trudeau says he raised human rights issues with Duterte after Trump didn’t

I am a Filipino that migrated to Canada. My mother grew up poor. Her father was a Jeepney driver, and her mother couldn't work. Her family easily hit double digits, yet they had to share a single room.

It's not like it got much better, they got kicked by the owner of the house by circumstances they couldn't control. They had to sleep on the streets for a while. It was only through her toughing it out through school and making the honour roll, and making it through university, pulling herself up by the bootstraps that I even have the privilege of living in North America. That I'm not in some goddamn slum in Cavite.

Fuck you Duterte. All I hear is the damn drug war. Never mind that for every mega mall I see when I visit my home country, I see sheet metal and tarps stretching for miles, towered by giant billboards for premium air conditioners.

Don't get me started on the traffic.

It's not like these problems are obscure. They are so obviously in plain sight.

I guess drugs is the only issue that's important.

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