at the risk of sounding fallacious

oh dear. we're off to a bad start. this is probably not what you meant to say.

i also like how you simply said that the PBS video is biased and did not actually attempt to refute anything that came up or prove in ANY WAY that there was bias in the report. and PBS NewsHour is about as boring and average and rigorously factual as any other news source on the planet (and very few people would contest this).

EVALUATE AN ARGUMENT ON ITS OWN MERITS. This is basic rule of logic. Not on whether you like the person who said the thing or if the person said something you disliked in the past. IS IT TRUE? That's the question you ask yourself.

thirdly, i have no idea what you mean by "Successful Business with a 98% success rate" -- i mean if I just get access to your bank account and wipe it clean and don't ever get prosecuted, that's like an AMAZING success rate.

fourthly, i don't plan to spend the next 40 minutes of my life on the rest of your argument after this, so let me just say that I hope your candidate wins. because you deserve him.

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