A true demonstration of the toxicity of Payday 2

It might just be me but there's a lot of terrible players and they manage to reach higher infamy levels, and I'm talking above 10.

Had a heist earlier on the Big Bank and a player and his friend were telling me "we know what we're doing" and one of them manages to get down three times in the first five minutes on Overkill. We're talking easy mode here. And he was infamy XIII.

Later, I was the only one actually setting up the drill and I had to run all the way from the vault to the bank lobby twice to save the other guy who was infamy V, while it was in the middle of the Captain's assault too, and both times in the same place. "We know what we're doing." Fuck no, they don't. And, I hate to say it, but they clearly haven't played enough or have a build that is that terrible on Overkill, which makes me wonder a lot. If it wasn't for me to save him, I would've ended up doing the heist without them, but it wouldn't have made a difference besides moving the bags since I was doing everything up until then anyways.

Meanwhile, they were spamming the chat and blaming me for "not getting a hostage for them" in the middle of the Captain's assault, on my own, having to save a guy twice, who then ended up in custody along with his friend, and doing the whole match on my own. And then they blamed me for not being fast enough. These people have no place to be complaining when they don't do shit and practically freeloaded off of everything I was doing.

I just got back to the game recently after I quit when skins came out, but large parts of the community have really become very condescending. Even just yesterday, when I made the first comment in this chain of comments, I said "you don't get jackasses in most lobbies," but scratch that, I was certainly mistaken and I see why everyone has these complaints now. Every other lobby I've been going to has been full of either people who get salty and whiny over every problem they have, people who don't know how to do the heist when their infamy level should suggest otherwise, and/or kids, actually kids. I never thought I would see that on this game and if the actually socially-normal and mature people are gone, I'm thinking I should be too. This game has not been going in the right direction and to you kind, mature, and honest folks out there, I feel bad that you have to put up with it.

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