True Detective is so dope

I get that. But it was cliche as fuck, one of the most generic exchanges of dialouge I've ever seen tbh. I could care less if they drove him out of town, but it felt like EVERY other movie scene where a minority is driven off by white men. Like seriously, they didn't even call him an actual racial slur because that would upset the redskins in reality, and actually said "we don't want your kind around here"... I just don't get how someone with an IQ over 60 can look at it and not feel that it's A LITTLE forced/corny. This season isn't even that bad, I just don't see how anyone can be delusional or oblivious enough to not see obvious virtue signaling when it's happening right in front of them. I mean i could care less that they don't, but to get upset at someone else who does seemingly just because they enjoy the show? Lol, I always enjoy upsetting sheltered sheep who live in an echo chamber, so the backlash is expected and pretty amusing to me tbh.

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