I truly believe God is trying to get me to kill myself and that's a bad place for me to be.

Lol. You really love taking things out of context and putting a spin on things.

Also, the examples you gave I didn’t bother answering to because you were wrong and didn’t feel like dissecting them.

I will give you an example…the woman at the well analogy. She wasn’t saved because Jesus was so kind and loving towards her in that moment. She had faith prior to even meeting Jesus:

“25 The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”

Her faith was before ever meeting Jesus. It has nothing to do with his kindness in the moment. In fact, he woo’d her more by simply speaking directly and truthfully at her more than being a buddy in the moment.

That’s a simple example.

I also never denied God was love in this conversation with you. You are starting to sound like the enemy and twisting words.

I said, “you don’t need love to hear God’s word.” Meaning, you don’t need to be loved by someone specifically to hear God’s word and believe. You can pick up a Bible, read God’s living word, and be saved. Don’t need someone to love on you to do that. Does it help to be loved by someone? Sure it does. But I sincerely doubt guys in prison are picking up the Bible while there, being loved in some of the hells they live in by the people around them, and can’t be saved without being loved by someone there first.

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