Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

I know of a Dept of Natural Resources guy down in VA who was once grilled by some Concerned Homeowners. Their wealthy county had mostly 20+ acre homesites, and that was perfect whitetail habitat. He listed all the possible solutions and they shouted them down: fencing: too expensive. Hunting: too scary- bullets flying around. Big predators: also too scary, they'd eat our pets. Crashing the population when it runs out of food: too destructive to the forest, gardens, landscaping. So, he said, what do want? It turned out they wanted a VA DNR guy to come out with a van, trap and take away a deer every time they saw one in their yards ( maybe to go live in a happy, special place). He said that was unreasonable: they said, what do we pay taxes for?

I wish that having money didn't make people think they can get anything they want, can ignore the field biologists, scientists...but we're seeing a lot of it.

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