Trump announces $60 billion tariff on Chinese high-tech and other goods

Woah, easy there buddy. This is reddit, where we're all very open mindedTM and non-bigotedTM people.

I'm sure everyone downvoting makes a living doing economic work and has done a thorough analysis on the cost-benefits regarding trade deficits, tariffs, and economic performance.

It's certainly not based off of some tidbit article written by some journalist major. Right guys? Let's just downvote him so his bigoted opinion doesn't infect this forum for open-mindsTM and critical thinkersTM.

p.s. From what I know, seems like tariffs aren't that great. But I've heard that the Trump tariffs won't really have a massive effect based off of the aluminum tariffs (half a cent more or so for a can of beer). I wouldn't really freak out over what looks like political posturing.

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