Trump applauds 'amazing' Fox News coverage of surveillance claim

If you are just monitoring a phone in order to snoop on an upcoming administration without any other Justification whatsoever, that will land you in jail.

I get that, but there's no indication that that's what's happening. They were being investigated for ties to Russia, and they were surveilled in the course of communicating with unnamed foreign people. There's plenty of reason to believe that there was good justification for that.

And yes, it is a reality that the investigation is ongoing, but as with the Hillary Clinton email investigation, I'm pretty sure you and I and most of the people on Reddit with common sense know what the outcome will be. There has been no shred of a smoking gun produced and it's been how many days now?

I had no idea what the Clinton outcome would be. I was very much against her in the primary partly (out of many reasons) because I was afraid she'd end up charged with a crime, which would really fuck up everything. Similarly, I have no idea how this Trump investigation will go; maybe he'll be in trouble, maybe not. But there is, as Schiff effectively pointed out at the hearing, tons of circumstantial evidence pointing towards collusion. Roger Stone's admitted interactions with Assange and Guccifer 2.0 alone are a huge smoking gun. Ditto with Manafort being a paid Russian agent for years. Those are incredibly suggestive, and they're only the most obvious out of a million different connections between Trump's team and Putin.

The Senate and House investigations have been going on for, as you said, days. It's way too soon to assume that nothing will come out of them; they just started. But at the moment, more and more Russia connections are being discovered and reported on by the day, so there's plenty of reason to believe that something criminal may come out of it, if it hasn't already with Manafort and Flynn's failures to register as foreign agents.

I can promise you that if there was a smoking gun, it would be out by now. All that is there now is communications between a foreign country and another country. You CANNOT target a US person just to see who they talk to. I can assure you, 1000% that this is illegal. If the recent report is true and the Trump team was being surveilled for over a year, I can promise you people will be going to jail, but it won't be the people that Reddit is foaming at the mouth for. Seeing who collected that information would take literally 10 minutes.

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