Trump Avoids Visiting Troops In Harm’s Way, Talks To Them From His Country Club Instead

Some forty odd years ago, my Dad was stationed in Greenland. Usually, we got to go live with him overseas, but for some probably very sane reason we had to stay stateside that time. My dad’s CO got to come home shortly before Christmas one year for medical reasons, and before he went back, he called up the families of his people who were living in the area and asked if we wanted to send photos or food or whatever. He gave up his entire weight allowance to haul all this stuff back, and he drove around personally to pick it up and say hi to the families of his people and make sure they were all good. The mail was often delayed at the time, so those photos were the first chance my Dad had gotten to see pictures of me learning to walk. That was leadership, that was kindness above and beyond the call of duty, and fuck President Trump for being unable to sacrifice a moment’s comfort for the people he nominally commands.

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