Trump calls Democrats the party of ‘slavery’ and ‘Jim Crow’.

It's comment's like this(In addition to your other comments) that make me question reality, and thankful that I'm having to question it in the first place.

I say that because I feel like there's no way people like you actually exist... Like how could you ? You know what I mean? Like, who is letting you get away with this shit? I mean, I have to assume the only people that could tolerate you in the real world, would have to be as bad if not worse than you, Right? I say I'm grateful because I've just never come across anyone like you in the wild... Don't misconstrue this, I'm not saying you're literally a bad person... I'm saying your thought process is comically fucked...

Maybe I'm missing something... Explain to me what your intent was when replying with "Take a down vote for your condescension?"

Maybe Intent is the wrong word, but what did you think my thought process would be, after reading that? I originally asked if you were joking or not... you obviously weren't, and made that clear when announcing your down vote... But do you not realize how fucking retarded you come across? You have to realize you're an insufferable human being, if you feel that was a reasonable response... right?

Fuck...You actually feel like you're on the side with the good guys, don't you? That's so fucking weird dude... I don't get it... But w/e This is on me for asking in the first place.

But thank you for admitting that R/politics is just as bad as r/donald, while trying not to, while being a hypocrite in at least 4 different ways.

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