Trump dismisses question on white privilege: "You really drank the Kool-Aid"

The only criticism we can give on this is:

The problem of turning complex ideas into "one liners" is that expressions like "White privilege" become vague enough to invite confusion. Just like "Make America Great Again" will mean different things to different people.

That confusion allows opponents to twist the expression and give it a meaning it did not originally have. Racists depict "White Privileges" as an attack on white people where it is not.

That is the danger of "One liners" and why they require more explanation than the slogan alone.

Just like "Black lives matter", which really means that black lives matter just as much as every other lives, not more, just the same because they don't always seem to matter quite as much could have been named "Stop treating black lives as if they don't matter", "White privilege" also could have been named "The increased difficulties and discrimination faced by non-white people"...

But obviously, those 2 don't roll off the tongue and would not be ideal for the task of communicating ideas.

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